Location: Chinese Tea House on the grounds of Newport Marble House

Outfit Details:

Betsey Johnson dress (from my darling friends at The House of Findings. Shop similar favorites below!), BCBG satin heels (pretty versions here and below), Heidi Daus cuffs, Quay sunglasses (which I’m obviously a big fan of!), Vintage earrings (this pair has a Chinese feel)

Mary O'Neill at Newport Marble House wearing Betsey Johnson dress

Hi everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I just want to take a moment to say thank you to all the amazing men and women who have served for our country. We are so thankful and we love you all.

Betsey Johnson dress at Newport Marble House

Newport Marble House Tea PavilionBoston style blogger Mary O'Neill at Newport Marble House wearing Betsey Johnson slip dress


This look is from my recent trip to Newport, Rhode Island. I absolutely adore this city and will take any opportunity to be there. I guess I would be considered a typical tourist because I can not resist seeing the famous summer “cottages” while I am there. But in my defense it is really the grounds that I love the most. This look was shot at Newport Marble House. Behind the mansion adjacent to the sea is a Chinese tea pavilion. In all honesty, I would choose to live there instead of the mansion. It is so intricate and the view of the ocean is divine. I am wearing a Betsey Johnson dress from my friends at The House of Findings. Yellow continues to be a go to color for me. See some of my current favorite yellow picks below.

Chinese floral Betsey Johnson slip dress    Mary O'Neill at Newport Marble House wearing Betsey Johnson dress, Quay sunglasses, and BCBG heels

Today I thought I would share a few random things and I will try to make of point of doing a “5 things” every once in a while. So here are 5 very random things for you!

1. As I am writing this it is definitely starting to feel like summer. I love this time of year when I am able to set up my “office” outside. Noting better than writing and editing while listening to the birds chirp and feeling the breeze. Of course I have a hat on and protection from the full sun because I do not tan…I go from white to lobster red in a matter of minutes!

2. I am excited for upcoming mini trips around New England this summer. I will be in New Hampshire, Maine, possibly Vermont, and hopefully back in my beloved Newport, RI.

view towards Newport Marble House from the seaside Tea Pavilion

3. My horsey Fetch is finally back into full time work! I was not able to ride him for more than a year because of medical issues that culminated in him undergoing surgery. I have not shared too many details about this in the past because it was a hard thing to go through (everyone can relate to this right?! The worst thing in the world is to see someone you love suffering– whether it is a person or an animal). But present moment because he is healthy and happy! My goal for this year is to get him strong again and hopefully resume competing around New England.

4. I once read that bees are attracted to red hair. Research on the subject was not able to furnish an explanation for this. I can only fathom the guess that bees think red hair is a giant flower. Haha.

blogger Mary O'Neill at Newport Marble House wearing Betsey Johnson slip dress, Quay sunglasses, and BCBG heels

5. Tomorrow I am off to Rockport, MA. This pretty town is basically the definition of a quaint New England seaside town. I am going to be shooting for the blog during the day. At magic hour (sunset!) I will be meeting one of my absolute favorite creatives, Greg (@thz_m on instagram), to do an editorial shoot. Can not wait!

Have a great day everyone!

the Tea Pavilion at Newport Marble House

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