Location: Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire

Outfit Details:

Jord Cassia Wood Watch, Forever 21 blazer and high waist pants (I definitely love yellow!), Zara heels (similar here)

forever 21 yellow blazer and pants at Dartmouth CollegeJord Cassia Wood Watch at Dartmouth College

When you love intensely, you do not notice the passage of time. It is as though you anticipatorily enjoy the unending enchantment of eternity. And so you need a timeless watch to record the moment – the Jord Cassia wood watch will be there to keep track of the dimension of time for you.

Mary O'Neill wearing the Jord Cassia Wood Watch at Dartmouth CollegeJord Cassia Wood Watch fashion blogger Mary O'Neill at Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College holds personal and sentimental memories for me. It is the alma mater of several family members, including the patriarch of my Irish heritage, my grandfather. When Eleazar Wheelock, the founder of Dartmouth, brought his library to Hanover in 1770, his 300 volumes consisted mostly of religious tracts, bibles, and primers. Today I am in the Baker Library, which can accommodate 500,000 volumes. There is something romantic and time-stopping about vast libraries. Here too the Jord Cassia wood watch becomes essential: a quick glance at my wrist records the moment and brings me back to the present. In fact, that is what I will have engraved on my Jord watch: “Stay in the present moment.” The present moment is where learning happens…where love happens…where life happens. Jord’s engraving service allows you to customize your watch or its cedar box with words that are meaningful, heartfelt, or even funny. Whatever it is, let it be said with love.

Jord Cassia Wood Watch at Dartmouth Jord Cassia Wood Watch giveaway

In choosing my Jord watch, I was drawn to the Cassia with its domed Aegean blue glass dial. The deep blue is a beautiful contrast to the Olive wood band. Cream and yellowish wood tones are streaked with dark brown and black flecks. Olive wood has a wild and exotic grain, evoking thoughts of far-flung travels and dreamy adventures. Standing in this library surrounded by volumes spanning eons of history, literature, and the sciences, I will let myself be caught in the vastness of time before I peek at the Roman numerals to bring me back to the present.

Jord Cassia Wood Watch with Aegean blue glass dial and Olive wood band

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Visit Jord’s women’s shop here and their Men’s shop here. I chose the Jord Cassia wood watch, which you can see here.

Yellow Forever 21 suit worn with Jord Cassia Olive Wood Watch

Wooden Wrist Watch

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