Outfit Details:

Bagatelle Heritage coat (similar here), Zara Dress (love this one as well), Candies Heels (last seen at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, similar to this pair), Vintage fish necklace (it is from Japan and was a gift to my mum from her godfather who was stationed in Okinawa), Vintage choker and earrings

pink and red fashion trend pink and red outfit

It has been a very cold start to spring. As I am writing this, the wind is whipping and it feels like 25 degrees Fahrenheit. So much for temperate April days! Regardless of what we are currently experiencing with this New England weather, I am ready to dress for spring! Though I wear bright colors year round, this time of year is probably my favorite because there are so many more options. Let me explain: the art of spring layering is much more fun than in winter because (generally speaking!) the temperatures are milder and so you do not have to think about wearing something that will ward off frostbite. Instead you can play with pieces that are not too heavy and will not be hidden under a heavy coat.

how to wear pink and red pink velvet zara dress with red coat

One of my favorite color combinations has always been pink and red. When rules were a thing in fashion, you would always hear, “Never wear pink and red together.” Well this kind of rule is meant to be ignored. Pink and red are an explosive combination! Some would recommend that you start small – just a touch of the two colors – but I say go for it. Paul Gauguin is quoted as saying, “Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.” I hope you have bright and bold dreams when you wear pink and red!

how to wear pink and red together   spring outfit ideas with pink and redpink and red fashion

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