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Zara coat, sweatshirt, pants, and boots (can you tell I’m a fan of Zara?! Shop similar pieces below)

zara outfit on nyc rooftop

As I look out over Manhattan, I can not help but wonder what things looked like before the superstructure. Having grown up surrounded by mountains and lakes, it is more natural for me to envision trees and grass rather than high rises and glass. With that being said, I also can not view this city without a sense wonder and appreciation for the amazing engineering and architectural feats that define a city of this magnitude. Certainly this city is very beautiful and I love it more every time I visit. Looking out from this rooftop with the early morning light striking the buildings, I actually felt enchanted with the city that never sleeps.

fashion blogger Mary O'Neill on rooftop in NYCzara coat and stirrup pants on new york city rooftop

This early morning time on an NYC rooftop was a little bit of calm before another crazy day at New York Fashion Week. Since I knew I would be running around I wanted something easy to wear. I opted for head-to-toe Zara. This was not by plan but just happened as I was putting things together. The coat in particular is one of my favorite new pieces. I like long coats in general and they are a chic way to finish an outfit with a sort of effortless, Parisian ease.

fashion blogger on nyc rooftopwearing all Zara on NYC rooftop

Truly nothing is ever new in fashion. Trends just come around again. One that is currently having a moment is the stirrup pant. I think the stirrup adds a necessary detail to these high waist pants (similar here). You could wear the stirrup inside the boot or opt to wear it over the heel as I did.

zara outfit at new york fashion week

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