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Chicwish dress, Zara sandals (last seen in a Japanese garden), Vintage hat and belt


A few things come to mind when I think of classics…things it would be very hard to grow tired of or replace with a substitute. Roses are one of them. They are a bloom unequalled for centuries. The rose is one of only three flowers mentioned in the Bible. Romans wore them on strings around their neck and considered anything said “under the rose” as a secret. The oldest living roses are said to be those growing on the wall of the Cathedral of Hildesheim in Germany. Their presence in that place has been documented since A.D. 815. According to their legends, that rose symbolizes the prosperity of the city of Hildesheim. So around the world, roses have been cherished and protected for ages. They will never go out of style.

Today I am wearing the Wildflower Fresh dress from Chicwish. I love the swishy shape, and although the lace feels substantial, it is not at all too heavy for this nice hot weather we have been having. Here again something I consider a classic comes to mind: the intricate weaving and patterning of fabric that is called lace. Though silhouettes and lengths may change with the years, lace in some form will remain. In fact, I am such a fan of lace, that I am going to give you 5 reasons right now why you should wear it:

1. You will feel instantly elegant and ladylike. Do not be surprised if you have a sudden urge to wander through the nearest garden or throw a proper tea party.

2. Lace has a put-togetherness about it that few other fabrics can boast. Without too much (or any!) thought put into accessories, a lace dress will automatically make you look composed.

3. Expanding upon number 2, lace is almost always appropriate no matter the occasion. Whether it is a wedding, family get-together, picnic, or casual exploration, lace is one of the most versatile fabrics. It is a cliche that in this case happens to be true: lace can be dressed up or down.

4. Lace is equally pretty in a subtle color or in a bold hue. With all the different cuts and silhouettes now, white lace is hardly exclusively bridal-ly. But in case you want to try something more colorful, check out this divine royal blue lace number by Alice + Olivia.

5. Your grandmother and mother will love it. It is pretty much a given that they have both worn it, so here is your chance to wear it in a fresh new way.

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