Outfit Details:

Chicwish Myth of Stars tulle dress, Candies booties (similar styles linked below), Vintage earrings

I have always been fascinated by stars. To think there are as many as 400 billion stars in our galaxy – and each one is a separate island in space – fills me with awe. And then when you add that there could be 500 billion galaxies in the universe, each with as many or more stars as our galaxy, you’re talking upwards of 2 x 10^23 stars in the universe. Mind blown!

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Stars come in a variety of colors….from red to white to blue. Apparently, red is the coolest color, corresponding to a surface temperature of less than 3,500 Kelvin. Yellowish white stars like our sun average around 6,000 Kelvin. And the hottest stars are blue, with temperatures above 12,000 Kelvin. Blue giant stars are among the rarest of stars, and burn with temperatures of 20,000 Kelvin or more. These beauties are also among the most luminous, meaning that many of the brightest stars in the sky are blue giants.

Recently, I got this Chicwish dress and immediately thought it was special. I like that it takes a classic silhouette and shakes it up a bit with an asymmetric hemline. The color is rich but feminine. And how beautiful is the embroidery?! It is especially enchanting to me because of the horses…and if you know me at all you know I love horses! The dress paired well with brocade booties from Candies and one of my many pairs of vintage earrings – which I bought at a tag sale for fifty cents. 🙂



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