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Volkl Jacket, Bogner Ski Pants, RBX Performance Warm Up (similar here), Banana Republic Sweater (similar here), Bolle Goggles, Pom Hat (close to this one), Moon Boots (Turquoise! Rainbow! Outer Space!), Leather Ski Gloves (similar here and here)

fashion blogger demonstrating winter layering winter layering for skiing fashionable ski wear on the slopeswhat to wear skiing - fuse science and fashion fuse science and fashion for a layered ski lookwhat to wear skiing and still be fashionable

Feel the mountain and let it show you how you’re going to ski it. Relax and cruise. This isn’t a fight, it’s a dance, and the mountain always leads.

– Jim Bowden, extreme skier

To take part in this dance requires the right winter clothing. Being a New England girl introduced to the ski slopes at age 3, I learned to layer early on. Different layers give you the flexibility to deal with anything from a sudden snow squall to the sun bursting through the clouds. Much has been written on how to achieve the layered look in a fashionable way. So basically it’s a science now and if you are cold, then you are probably not doing it right. Whether you are on the slopes, après ski, or in the city, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Firstly, why layers work. Air is trapped between them and this provides insulation. Layers can also be easily added or subtracted depending on the weather. So now onto how to do it properly.
  2. Base Layer. Long underwear, leggings etc. under your ski pants. If you are not on the slopes then leggings also work under jeans et al. or tights if your pants are slim fit. Add a cotton tee or shirt with lightweight sweater on top, preferably wool or cashmere.
  3. Mid Layer. Another sweater or a lightweight jacket (thin puffer, cargo jacket, bomber…depending on the temp). Ignore the static.
  4. Socks. Pick ones that are decidedly functional i.e. wool.
  5. Footwear. Won’t go into detail here. Everyone has some kind of cool boot. But if you want to be really warm and by that I mean, “Not the SLIGHTEST BIT cold,” opt for Moon Boots. They kept the feet of astronauts cozy on the moon and they work here on earth.
  6. Scarf. Silk is very dense and thus blocks the cold well or swath yourself in something oversized that you can wrap around a few times to avoid any air leaks.
  7. Coat…finally! Go sporty, city, long, short depending on your location.
  8. Hat. Though the old myth that we loose 80% of our body heat through out head is not entirely accurate, we do lose a significant amount of heat there. Keep you brain toasty.

Take the science of layering and fuse it with fashion. With its mercurial weather, New England was a great training ground for this. Mark Twain said it best: If you don’t like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.

The weather is what it is and smart layering sets you up so you can enjoy – not just endure – it.

ski fashion wearing technica moon bootswarm and fashionable technica moon boots

In July of 1969, Giancarlo Zanatta of Italy was watching the lunar landing and became fascinated by the shape and construction of the astronaut’s boots. He started sketching and went on to design the original Moon Boot. Since the 70’s, these boots have embodied an enigma of form and fashion.

fashion blogger Mary O'Neill on the ski slopehow to layer fashionably for skiingski fashion on blogger Mary O'Neill

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